We have over 25 years of experience in the distribution and marketing business. We represent imported and local branded products – from medical and pharmaceutical products, electrical products to food products.


We are looking for interested partners to form mutually beneficial partnerships.

Why work with us?

With the local knowhow and expertise of our professional sales and marketing team, we offer sourcing, distribution, marketing, and sales management solutions to our partners. We have over 800 distributors located across Myanmar, covering both wholesale and retail channels. Our own mobile teams, consisting of experienced sales personals, also distribute country wide with mobile vehicles.

We have high-capacity warehouses located in major towns and cities across the country. Our warehouse management system provides excellent control of goods flow and storage to ensure product quality, timely and cost effective delivery of goods and optimal inventory levels.

We offer a quick entry into the market with our established distribution and retail networks, and a long-term market presence with our marketing expertise.