We have over 15 years of experience in the manufacturing sector. Our food-manufacturing factory produces a line of beverage products including coffee mix, tea mix, and cereal. Our soap-manufacturing factory produces 50 years old brand names such as “Shwe War” and modern soap products. We also have manufacturing capacities in the agriculture sector.


We are looking to expand further into the manufacturing sector with interested partners.


Why work with us?


We provide cost-effective local supply chain management, labor management, distribution and marketing of manufactured products, and governmental liaison expertise.


We are able to streamline the local and international supply chains resulting in lower handling costs, greater throughput and prompt market response. We have rigorous quality control and strive to meet customers’ expectations in the product range, quality, pricing, and timeliness.


Our factories are certified with ISO standards.



Starch Factory - Corn starch factory located in Magwe division Yanpae, which processes the raw corn into starch, protein, fiber, germ, and oil.


Sugar Mill - Located in Mon state Bilin, where we process sugarcane into white sugar.


Soap Factory - Located in Magwe division, where we manufacture the traditional soap bars. 

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Starch Mill

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Soap Mill

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Sugar Mill