We have over 15 years of experience in the agribusiness sector. Agribusiness development is a strategic priority for us.


Our agriculture line of business includes the cultivation of palm oil, cassava, and sugar cane crops. We have experience in rubber and a variety of bean crop cultivations. Agricultural investments and projects are based on market and seasonal conditions. There are a couple of business models that we have experienced with – provision of financing and advisory services to small and medium farmers (SMFs), downstream investment in value-added processing, contract farming, and a vertically integrated model as with our palm oil plantations.


In 2015, we have further expanded with acquisitions of sugar production and wet corn milling facilities.


Why are we developing this sector?


Myanmar covers an area of 678,500 square kilometers, making it the largest mainly country in Southeast Asia. Agricultural development has been mainly concentrated in the delta and extensive fertile alluvial plains of the Central Belt, which comprises the lower and middle basins of Ayeyarwady River, the lower reaches of Chindwin River, the Sittaung River, and the Bago River basins. Rice, oilseed crops, and pulses dominate agronomic activity in Myanmar. Myanmar’s large fertile land area provides the ideal environment for agricultural investments.


We believe agribusiness is an attractive investment opportunity. It is also socially meaningful as around 70% of the workforce is in the agriculture sector and the increased crop yield will contribute to world food security.


We welcome interested partners to establish joint ventures or to provide consultancy services.